composting & anaerobic digestion
composting & anaerobic digestion

The environmental benefits from composting and anaerobic digestion, together with regulatory drivers, are forcing a change in the waste management industry.

As a result there are opportunities for both new waste management facilities, and the expansion of existing composting operations, to assist in the growth of this recycling sector.

Ceri Environmental Consulting Ltd has many years of experience in providing assistance to the composting industry.

The company has clients who compost as part of their farm activities to provide fertiliser and soil conditioner for organic food production, others who provide a service for local authorities' green waste collection services, and others who have expanded their existing waste operations to allow the importation of green waste for composting.

Ceri Environmental Consulting Ltd has provided planning and waste permitting services for clients wishing to establish composting and AD activities. Unfortunately composting and AD proposals can result in complaints and objections. The company has tackled such controversial issues for clients and has provided environmental risk assessments and bioaerosol risk assessments to support proposals. It has also liased with local authorities, the Environment Agency and the State Veterinary Service to enable clients to develop their business.

Ceri Environmental Consulting Ltd can assist with procedures, Environmental Management Systems, training and monitoring required to achieve PAS 100 accreditation and can also provide mentoring to achieve the relevant technical competence award for composting operations.

Jcb working with green waste windrows at composting facility
dumper trucks on landfill site
grab working at metal recycling plant

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